Barbeque Reviews – Continued – Atlanta Area

Chamblee, GA – Old Brick Pit – Highly respected for the light sauce, pulled pork and low key environment. I have been frequenting this BBQ eatery since 1983. The pulled pork and Brunswick Stew is excellent. I am not sure about the continuity of ownership and, based on this last experience, I feel that the quality has slipped a bit. Still, overall very good. Rated 6.6 on a scale of 0-7.

Sandy Springs and Roswell – Slope’s BBQ, since 1991 – Not an old BBQ joint but, Bob White has built an excellent reputation for high quality good eats. There are now 6 locations …..I have tried only 3 locations. This is very good pulled pork with vinegar based sauce. The ribs are great and the Brunswick Stew is second only to that made by my sweet Mother. Rated a 7.0 on scale of 0-7. This is the place to get your fill of BBQ