Atlanta, Georgia area – Met up on Thursday morning with Mike Moss, husband to my cousin Denise. We met at Moto 400, a Yamaha, Suzuki, and Triumph motorcycle dealership in Dawsonville, GA. Mike is an expert offroader and he showed me some of Georgia’s beautiful and challenging mountain backroads (all paved, fortunately). We had a great ride, a quick lunch and then back to the dealership to part ways ……… we thought. That’s where I had a motorcycle breakdown. Thankfully, the breakdown occured at Moto 400 and not on some secluded backroad on a mountain where we had just been. The good folks at Moto 400 checked my bike and correctly diagnosed the problem but, understandably did not have the particular parts for my bike. Mike is friends with the owner and staff of Moto 400 and they were very nice to loan Mike a trailer so we could transport my bike to BMW of Atlanta in Marietta, where those good people turned around the repair in record time and had us back on the road with the new parts and new tires in short order. Again, many thanks to Mike for his hospitality and great help, and to the good folks at Moto 400: in Dawsonville and BMW of Atlanta.