Barbeque Reviews—Continued

Junction, Texas – Cooper’s since 1953– No Website. Now, this is Texas BBQ. So, mostly beef brisket. I had the ribs and a brisket sandwich. This was good but, not as good as good ole pig BBQ. Rated 5.1 on a scale of 0-7.

Austin, Texas – Guero’s Taco Bar, since 1986 – OK, I know this is not BBQ but, both my daughters and one son-in-law went to Baylor University just up the road in Waco, and spent many hours, days and nights in Austin eating tacos, chips and salsa. No beer, I’m sure. So, as a tribute to them, I forced myself to partake of this excellent food. I had a tamale, one chicken taco and one steak taco. Guero’s food and atmostphere is excellent and gives good meaning to the term “ TexMex”. Rated a 6.1 on scale of 0-7.