Barbeque Reviews
Two Q stops at this point. Both at lunch and to-go.
First is Bar-B-Q-King in Charlotte, NC This is a Drive-In/Take-Out place. No seating. One location. Looks like it has been here since ’50’s. They have both minced and sliced pork. I had the sliced sandwich and it is good. Rated a 5 on a scale of 0-7.
Second is Bar-B-Cutie in Nashville, TN This is in a newer building on Donelson Pike. Looks like they may have multiple locations and franchising. Advertised as being around since 1950. This is only location I tried. I had chopped sandwich and it too is good. Rated a 5.5 on a scale of 0-7.
I will rate more as the Two Wheeled Blues Cruise continues as Barbeque is one of my remaining addictions…….fully supported and enabled by me.