Well, I am off to a stumbling and bumbling first day. One of my tenets of this trip is to engage interesting people in conversation and a photo whenever and wherever possible and appropriate. My first stop was for a “heart healthy” breakfast at a Cracker Barrel restaurant close to Allentown, PA. Here the waitress was a very bubbly, sweet young lady. All was swell until I went about trying to explain that I am traveling across country on my bike and that I would like to take a photo of her and some of the other staff for the blog that I have set up. This, once sweet young lady, immediately changed her demeanor and ran to the kitchen, leaving me holding my camera and helmet in the middle of the Cracker Barrel, hoping for my first photo op. Ten minutes later she returned in crisis management mode and told me that all of the staff was very busy inside the restaurant and that I should go outside for any photos. Dazed and confused, I started to try and explain myself better but, then decided that it might only get worse with a second explanation. Hence, you will find my first photo is of me amongst the dry goods displayed outside the Cracker Barrel near Allentown, PA. Truly an exciting start!