Show 66 – Recorded 2-8-20. This podcast is the third part of a 3-week interview with blues music historian, discoverer, producer and artist’s coach Mr George Mitchell, who has discovered and recorded more blues artists than anyone else alive today. This podcast has Mr Mitchell discussing his trying to find blues legend Son House in the very early 1960’s and then we speak about Atlanta blues legend Blind Willie McTell. We play recordings of Son House and Blind Willie McTell along with 14 of the blues artists discovered and recorded by Mr Mitchell including James Shorter, Joe Callicott, Robert Johnson, Will Shade, Robert Nighthawk, Houston and Sara Stovall, George Henry Busey, Jessie Clarence Gorman, Cliff Scott, RL Burnside, Robert Longstreet, John Henry Barbee, Dewey Corley and Walter Miller, Bud White. Along with our interview, this group of great blues artists perform 18 excellent songs for you. This group of performances were recorded during a period from 1928 through 1969.